K-8 students will attend Earl Oxford School.

Koko Estates is located in the Rural Municipality of Cornwallis. The website for the municipality is http://www.gov.cornwallis.mb.ca/default.asp Koko Estates is only 5 minutes from the city of Brandon. The population of Brandon is reaching 49,000 residents and has all the amenities of a modern city. More information on the city of Brandon can be found at https://www.brandon.ca/ 

Bylaws for Rural Municipality of Cornwallis can be found at http://brandonareaplanning.mb.ca/images/bylaws/Cornwallis%20Zoning%20By-law%201664_03_2016.pdf The document describes rules for animals, building sizes, and many other important details for planning your new homesite. 

Homeowners are responsible for the collection of their own waste and recycling. The municipality has a depot for residents to drop off their waste and recycling during its regular hours of operation.

High speed internet service is available through a company called RFNOW Inc. They offer excellent service using fiber optic cable. Manitoba Telephone System (MTS) plans to run fibre optic cable to the development in the near future and will also become an option for homeowners.

Yes, there is an airport 10 minutes away from Koko Estates.

If homeowners wish to have land line services, Manitoba Telephone System (MTS) cable runs to Koko Estates and is available for hookup. A strong signal for cell phone service is present at Koko Estates.

The developers of Koko Estates are responsible for Koko Rd. maintenance until 2022. The municipality will assume road upkeep in 2022. Each homeowner is responsible for their own yard maintenance and upkeep of personal approaches to their private property. A number of yard maintenance services operate businesses in the city of Brandon and may be privately contracted for any homeowners who wish to contract yard and maintenance services.

No mobile homes are allowed on Koko Estates. Ready-to-move (RTMs) are permitted. Of course, property owners may build their dream home using a personal builder of their choice.

The municipality requires a minimum of 2 acres for one horse to be kept on a property. Please check municipal bylaws for further details on keeping animals on acreages zoned rural residential.

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